Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Little More

You hold a string of hope. You tie yourself to the sweet memories. You know how things will end, but know better that you should keep doing what you are doing. Hoping and having that slightest faith that is inches from slipping away, and appreciating how the sweet memories make you smile.

You thought of doing things differently. Perhaps forgetting everything and refreshing the boring routine of your ways thinking and taking life in. But this kind of different just did not work, yet, at least for you, you told yourself that. So went back to the same old road, just thankful. No complains. No regrets.

Because complaining means you are not grateful and regretting means you are not learning.

"Kalau kita berubah untuk menjadi baik kerana ALLAH SWT, ALLAH akan menghantar orang yang baik-baik untuk bersama kita"

Till then,

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