Saturday, March 12, 2011


mixing around plus getting closer to the friends.
me..dah layak mengundi.
birthday oh birthday..sana sini
dah terer termenung..nak thinking of my own business
the latest and newest journal entires.

bila orang melayu kata:
"ish..ish..apa nak jadi daa??dah bersawang dah belogsepot nih.Dasar pemaleh tahap kronik betul la budak ni.Nak update kan blog satu ni pon susah..kwang..kwang.."

hahaha..i dont even know what is happening to me.Like now is already at the month of March and it is almost getting to the end,thus,to make things worst,im not even have my own NEW YEAR RESOLUTION for the year of 2011!!!what the f***!Well,its not being a great started for me,as i dont [ yet ] seem to see the greatest things happening to myself.

BUT!It is never to late to started it all over again.Right??Em..all i one is just to have the best for myself.I really hope someday something really great gonna happen to me.Insyaallah.

BUT!To make things nice and clear,for this post,i'll just updated you guys with some sweet little things that had happen to me.