Saturday, July 23, 2011

We could have it all

I like to remind myself how lucky I was to had time with him at all.

Me : You had my heart in your hand for now,and you played it to the beat *smile*
You: ....

It is really uncertainties that are driving me crazy,isn't it?I don't know what and why.There's too many question that I can't seem to stop them from keep coming into my head and the answers seem like there are not to be found. It is astounding how fate seems to play its role at its best when we least expect it.It is puzzling how some people are meant to meet and fall in love but are not meant to be together.The doubts that I have in myself are doing a pretty good job in further dragging myself mind-thinking imaginary world of mine that is fulled if life questing mostly the what-if questions.

It is also funny how you keep hoping on something despite knowing how hopeless it is.And then you keep telling yourself that thing happen for reasons,yep cliche enough at its best.And then while hoping for the time to help to sort things out for your,that feeling you thought you had forgotten just have to come back,sometimes stronger than before.But its not because of you are not over things yet,it simply because you miss how you felt back then.

Ok.DONE.Perhaps it is so wondering what is the reason for that entry above.Well actually me neither also kept asking myself *hahaha* Tak la.It is because I think that maybe I need some reversing techniques *haaa?whats that??* nop,perhaps its just a way to help me out to keep myself calm and keep living my life properly.And just to share with the world that tonight I've watched a sweet love movie by Khabir Bhatia entitled Keabadian Cinta.It is such a sweet movie about the lovelholic of three different couples.I love the way Khabir captured the love stories of them in his own simple way and make us think love in the deeper way.

p/s:Currently on Adele//Rolling in the Deep *nice*

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thanks JK Rowling

So,here we go.YUP.We'r heading for a meeting with Mr.Potter and the gang.We'r watching the final part of Harry Potter sequels.Thus,we,namely ibu,kuya the amoi,me,and iwan pemandu kami headed to JUSCO and struggled for the 2 pm movie.Well,to be honest I'm not totally a big huge hardcore fan of Harry as if you do ask me anything under the sky about Harry Potter thingy,surely I cant scored myself by that.Even the book also I cant fit myself to read all 7th books of the JK'S.Even it really obviously showed that Im sort of like I didnt care whether I watch Harry or not but the thing is I do care and I wanna watch Harry and the gang..yooooo..

See the amoi above trying her very best to show the ticks of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow P2.Thanks amoi,we'll treat you with hotdog okayyy..

And again the amoi again together with a hotdog reward posing like heyyy with the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow giant poster.

With the help of GOOGLE,I've found this.It is the picture of some of HP cast/star with their cute yer childish face on left side and on the right side is their transformation to a more matured and vogeh style.Am I right??

So it ends for Mr.Potter.
Could you imagine after more than a decade,Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows concludes the series of moving and magical world of Harry and friends.Well,after seeing that,it shows that it is such a fine conclusion but in my most opinion I do think this is the most extraordinary movie that I ever watched.To be honest I almost cry and at the end of the movie I feel like wanna stand and give standing ovation to that. *thumbs up*
Dear Harry Potter,we are going to miss you.

Sekian, terima kasih JK Rowling
for introducing me to Harry.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Better than nothing

p/s:I am currently on BETTER THAN NOTHING by Maria Mena

First of all I am truly apologies for not updating LULA. This is totally because I can't find my courage to wrote something here. Plus my head is spinning like hey! for the past few months. I don't even know whether I can compile all that and share it here. For the past few months ago, for the first time in my life I felt like a normal teens as I am totally being "interrogate" with some loveholic drama and more drama melancolic (did i spell it right?)..hehe..translate,please? Well, this is obviously not the first time I fall from the stairs (fall in L**** should i say)ahaha.. but this the love struck is more stucked!hehe.. em..sorry to say, why suddenly I don't have the urge (still) or still don't have the mood the share it..maybe this thingy happened for quite a time ago and all I wanna do is just continue my life to the fullest and be a good daughter to my ibu. Later2, kte continue series ni ok?

So, lets talk about the song?nak? haha..I found that song from my big bro ipod ( KL mesti lew already have an ipod and all the coolest gadget in town) I were sneaking around his playlist, as to be honest I am such a beginner to become a music lover and actually I don't find his choice of song really suits me..but then,finally..i found Maria Mena.