Saturday, November 19, 2011

Someone like you

"Sometimes it last in love, sometimes it hurts inside."

I think the most ironic thing about love is the idea of being in love itself. Butterflies in the stomach, weak knees, smiling to yourself without reasons, well,surely you get what I mean. Of course those who had experienced this will probably said relationship are more than a cliche' picture of a classic love, the fights, the broken promises, the uncertainties future, the never ending questions and the list goes on.

But for those who had not experienced love or being in a relationship, and know things through novels and movies, perhaps this including me, for some kind reasons =P, they have slightly different say. We know the idea of love is not all sweet but, we know it is more than that.

Of course some will say it is better to stay out of love if you are not ready for it. But since we are really well prepared for anything in life? Things come knocking at our doors at most undefined time in life. Some will say stay out of love and your heart is safe. Well, I would say that love is something you can't run away from because when you love, you just do. You may hide, but the feeling don't simply disappear, at least not easily. But yes, I do believe hearts move on as time passed by, the memories may stay, but then you will realize the memories are the reasons that you have to learned, from love, from life.

"Life is too ironic to understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence." - Tumblr


Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Little More

You hold a string of hope. You tie yourself to the sweet memories. You know how things will end, but know better that you should keep doing what you are doing. Hoping and having that slightest faith that is inches from slipping away, and appreciating how the sweet memories make you smile.

You thought of doing things differently. Perhaps forgetting everything and refreshing the boring routine of your ways thinking and taking life in. But this kind of different just did not work, yet, at least for you, you told yourself that. So went back to the same old road, just thankful. No complains. No regrets.

Because complaining means you are not grateful and regretting means you are not learning.

"Kalau kita berubah untuk menjadi baik kerana ALLAH SWT, ALLAH akan menghantar orang yang baik-baik untuk bersama kita"

Till then,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Love on paper

Haven't been drawing for a long time, but was reminded when little, if I had nothing better to do, all I need was pencil and paper to keep me entertained. Well, actually, that's a flip on a pages of my diary. The L.O.V.E ISSUES, my favorite.

In addition, I've done some thinking and looking back on my life. After a few rapid internal issue of myself, now, I'm trying to focus on something really new in my life. I will be back to UITM soon. But, instead of coping with my study, I think I haven't done things that I really enjoy doing things that slightly different from my normal things. I wanna do things out of my reach, and actually really have fun while I'm at it.


1// Spend more time with my family and friends.

2// Devoting myself to ALLAH SWT, be a better muslimah, and recite the ALQURAN as much as I can.

3// Catch on my reading habits. Increase my vocab especially in English. More book-hunting . . yey!!

4// Try on rollerblading, cycling, jogging, and everything -ing -ing -ing. =P

5// Be engrossed with my studies. NAK DEAN LIST!!

6// Saving for traveling . . go places, explore new thing.

7// Beli camera . . maybe POLAROID??

8// Belajar menjahit . . A COTTON CASE!!

9// Continue on my art stuff . . tote bag. journals . . and . .

10// Learn new languages . . Japanese, French, . . .

11// Learn picture editing . . Install photoshop . .

12// Cook new thing . . baking!!!

13// Pegi gym?? Get fit vs KURUS!!

14// Reconstructing my wardrobe.. I need new styles . hehe

15// what more?????

Till then,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Desire to Inspire


Before I've move further for today's entry, this entry doesn't followed with any pictures ok? Well, the blogging is not actually or really about uploading pictures.

Yup, the date is 11.11.11.

What a nice date, and its Friday.

Well, actually I don't even know what to write. Yes, it seems that I've lost my inspiration. I do admit that even I don't want so. Its been a "rapid" week I guess *deep inside mine*. I don't know why I felt I've lost someone that is so motivated and inspirational to me. I don't know why I can't proceed with my 123445788968686086808 things to do on my-to-do list. And again I don't know why. Even I know perhaps this is what I choose. But am I right?

I can't continue that. I'm sorry.

Well, I don't want to ruin this special 11.11.11' post.

I'm sure today is such a special memorable date for each one of us. Perhaps there are some of us choose to get into a relationship or get engage or get married or get divorce *sorry to say* or get into a small break or maybe get into what ever you plan to be with, but what ever it is, DO IT NOT JUST FOR YOURSELF OR FAMILY OR FRIENDS BUT, DO IT FOR ALLAH SWT.


So, that's about it, I guess. Short and simple. To all of you *including me* who wish for unforgettable 11.11.11 this year, insyaallah, I pray so that what ever your heart wishes, it will be granted, may ALLAH SWT bless all of us, amin ya rabbal alamin.