Sunday, May 30, 2010

lets continue the butt thing...
i am going to confess something now..
it is about my one and only Mr.FRONTMAN.
ya.i have feeling towards him since the first moment i saw him.
first sight love la ni.
he actually,just a simple ordinary guy.and i am actually usually easily attracted by hot and cool guy.
most likely that have the model look.but.
this is something different.he is just him.
ya.eventhough i have to admit that he is smart.
and maybe some of you would say he is a N.E.R.D.I.E.
and i don't care.
coz i love it!!
SHAHIR AF8 is my brand new Bf??

hahahaha..isn't that true?? be honest,yay..i am now totally addicted to him..
oppsss!!to his song,Kebahagiaan dalam Perpisahan..
look at his peacefully ma...hehehehe
and love his jantan melayu punye voice..
and i wish someday i will have the
chance to meet him..
ya.i know that i am such an actress.that always easily attracted by hot and cool guys.
haha..starts from vince la,zain la,e-one la,aizat la,awal la..

*to be continue later

when you love someone but you don't know what love actually is. when you don't want to live without him but you don't want to be in any commitment. when you can't see him with anyone but you want him to be happy. when you have this feeling but you don't know what it really is.

it is just so complicated.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today i felt so in love...with my brain!!
lullaJ ask:
Why was that??
Why so damn suddenly??
me answer:
Nothing serious la LJ..
Maybe because today i am all alone at home..
with my orange tee and a spicy mcdeluxe burger..huhu
we human being should learn how to love ourselves in a proper way..
before we decided to love someone...sss

is good habit!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Date:22nd May 2010
Mood:Robin Hoodies??

Me,my brain plus yong and ayah E...went to saw 7CTee's album launch..em..ok be honest that band is totally not me..they got really good music..but it just their song..not that wow..btw,it still good a good job...


Date:22nd May 2010
Venue:Bandar Tun Razak

Congratulations to both kak lia and abg sham..both of you look great on that abg sham,welcome to our family!!May u guys happily ever after...

Date:May,21,2010 Venue:pondokpink Mood:Kuala Lumpur best pal..Mr. Fluffy had die..yay,its true!!!and until now i still don't know what really happen to Mr. on the earlier night before Mr. F luffy die..i (as ussual) go to my bed and online...and on that day i already do my routine to cleaned up Mr. Fluffy ''home''..there where a lot of speculation regarding Mr. Fluffy dead.. IbuCakap:maybe Fluffy had a fight with the Encik ibu saw Fluffy neck had injury(maybe)..and maybe Encik Cicak had bite Fluffy!! BahCakap:maybe Fluffy had drank a little bit of the soap water..what!!??ya..i had to admit that i use soap to washed Fluffy punye tank.. entahla...what ever je la..RIP Mr. Fluffy... u think i should get a replacement??

Sunday, May 16, 2010

TEACHER OH teacher...

I am here to wish Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers in the world..espeacially to my teachers starts from my kindergarden teachers until my high school teachers..thank you for everything that all of you had teached me..thanks again..
♥ all of you always!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

After Highschool
UITM OH UITM.... venue:pinkpendora.. mood:AIM Yo!!Lulla J.. today i check about the places of 3rd thing of 5510..and i got SERI ISKANDAR!!em...i am happy be'coz the place is not to far...i think thats all i wanna say as i already felt sleepy... GOOD NYTE MISS LULLA!!ZZZzzzzzz


Dear Lulla J... i really felt so much happier and ''bersyukur'' be'coz i already check the 3rd thing of 5510...and alhamdulilah..i got it...yup!!UiTM....E2820...SK...i can't wait to go there and futher my dream..but..i noe that i must struggle the best...and be more matured in wateva i do...thats all for this moment...=